Apple has acknowledged that the design of its standalone desktop computer, the Mac Pro, restricted its ability to update the model.前不久,苹果公司否定,其一体式桌面上电脑上Mac Pro的设计方案允许了该商品的升级换代。The firm has announced a limited refresh of the machine, the first time it has upgraded its innards since 2013.该企业于此前公布了该型号一次修改并不算太大的改版,这是自二零一三年至今第一次升級内部构造。But it said it would not be able to release a new model until an unspecified point after 2017. The tech firm had faced criticism that it was not addressing the needs of its professional users.但苹果公司答复,她们会在17年的某一天公布最新款Mac Pro。这个科技有限公司也因而遭受了许多斥责,由于如今的电脑版并没法解决困难这些技术专业客户的市场的需求。

It released a new line-up of MacBook-Pro-branded laptops in October, but was attacked for not including more powerful graphics cards in them and for removing several of the ports found in earlier models.苹果公司在上年10月份的情况下公布了一系列起名叫“MacBook-Pro”的笔记本,可是以其没更加技术设备的显示终端,而且移除开一些原来控制模块,进而深受大家的抨击。I think it was simply untenable for Apple to continue to remain silent on the Mac Pro front, commented the tech blogger John Gruber.科技博客作者罗伯特·格鲁伯评价称作:“我强调iPhone一味地在Mac Pro的阵线上苟且偷安,这是摇摇欲坠的。